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PyWW, also known as Python Wiki Wiki, is a tiny, minimalistic wiki inspired by Ww.

A lot of wiki software is overcomplicated. With databases and gratuitous configuration and CMS features, sometimes you just wish you had a little less to work with. So, after stumbling upon a very small wiki project written in C, we decided to make something similar in Python to give you less. A lot less. In fact, almost nothing.

PyWW is a tiny wiki in one file written in Python. It has no extraneous features, no database, and only a few configuration variables. The default page layout contains only text and an edit button, though this can be changed by modifying the included template files. Simply install the script and associated template and css files onto a webserver, and navigate to the script in your browser to bootstrap the wiki. New pages are created by visiting and editing them.

Depending on your setup, you may need to edit the default configuration values at the top of the script.

PyWW pages are written in ReStructured Text.